Monday, November 23, 2009

New Laws For Texters

We all know the dangers of texting while driving, but I'm here to warn of another serious consequence to texting while doing something else.....

Texting and fast forwarding DVR shows.

You're cruising along with three fast forward arrows rocking the commercials when a text comes in. The next thing you know the show is half gone and your family is yelling "Too far! Too far!"

Then you rewind it to the end of the commercials and start of the show, but that doesn't work so you just push play and your family has to watch those blasted commercials.

All so you can text while being in charge of the remote!

Dangerous business, my son. We might have to create new laws to govern the use of cell phone texting in relation to family life.

First law: No texting while in charge of the remote control. Second law: Umm.....actually, other than the remote thing, your texting is not a problem. Curiosity provoking, making a mother practically drool for wanting to know what you could possibly be texting about every 30 seconds, but otherwise unobtrusive.

Okay then. Carry on, just leave the remote control out of it. Those poor innocent shows being forced to fast forward or fast rewind will thank you for it. As will your family.


  1. Not only texting...your Mother takes the remote away from me when I fall asleep while fast forwarding :)

  2. Back in my younger years, I too enjoyed texting. Now it costs me $.20 every time one of my misguided friends sends me a text message! :)