Friday, March 26, 2010

Super Coolness

Today, I left off cleaning the house for a few hours and hit the road to treat myself to #1 a mocha (and that really is a mocha, not a non fat latte, I'm getting a treat dang nabit!) and #2 a slow turn up and down the aisles of the local craft store looking for things on clearance.

I don't usually go out shopping unless I have a need, a list, a plan, but today I was tired of washing dishes and mopping the floor again (thanks to our lovely puppy, I've been mopping the floor A Ton) and I needed a break.

Should I get a mocha? I don't need one, I just want one. I didn't get one yesterday, on my way to Seattle, so it would be the first coffee of the week. I count out my spending money, my allowance if you will, and yep, I have plenty for a 12 oz drink.

Get into the car, driving towards the coffee stand, I think I better make sure I have my coffee punch card. Ten punches equal one free coffee up to a $4 value. That $4 is important folks, because when I see I have ten punches, and my mocha will be free today, I know I am going all out! 16 oz triple shot mocha all the way!

The best part is when I tell the coffee girl I have a free one she says, "do you want your 16 oz triple mocha hot or cold?"

Now, that, my friends, is super coolness. Going to the same coffee stand for so many years there is no question really, what your free drink will be!

Side note, I love my hometown!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Time Is Springing?

Is spring really springing? It kind of feels that way here in the Pacific Northwest.

The sun has been shining, there have been days I did not need my jacket, flowers are blooming, trees are budding, puppies are frolicking....

But it is only the start of March.

People, people, people! Let's not get carried away! Remember a few years back when it snowed in March? I can remember snow in April! This is not spring time. It is a mild winter.

So, put away your gardening gloves and your flats of pansies.

You are making me look bad.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I don't need a fancy clever tittle for the most perfect food on the planet. Popcorn can hold it's own anywhere, anytime.

I remember making it as a kid, drizzling the butter on as it poured out of the hot air popper, so butter was laced throughout the bowl. Also, when I made it, it meant I got to hold the bowl as we watched TV. So, you know, I made the popcorn. Microwave popcorn is so salty and good with that weird greasy yellow 'butter' stuff that gets on your fingers, made in less than 3 minutes, it's perfect for the overwhelming popcorn craving a person might occasionally get. Stove top popcorn made in oil is also delish. That's my husband's specialty and I love it! Although, it means he gets to hold the bowl as we watch TV....and because I love him, I let him steal all the half popped kernels.

I will eat it plan. If I have to. I will eat it the next day, stale. Not because I have to, but because I like it that way too. I have made it and taken it on picnics, when we were young and penniless and a bag of chips too expensive. I have made it when the kids and I have had a no good rotten bad day, and we needed hot cocoa, popcorn and a funny move, STAT, regardless of what time of day it is. I will eat it with powdered cheese on it. I will devour the caramel corn my Grandma M makes at Halloween time.

But I love movie popcorn the most. Hardly ever had a date to the movies that my husband didn't buy me popcorn. We get there early, to watch all the previews, and inevitably, the popcorn is gone before the movie starts. I won't get started on how I love to alternate a piece of popcorn with a Sour Patch Kid, carefully held up to the light to make sure it is not red...I really hate red candy.

My husband recently read that a bucket of movie popcorn is like 1200 calories. That's almost what you should it in one day alone! Shocking! Is that going to stop my desire for popcorn at the movies? Not one bit. I don't eat a whole bucket of popcorn by myself. I could, but I don't. I share it with three other people. Plus, we hardly ever go to the movies. If we went every week, then yes, I might have to cut back.

All this talk of popcorn is making me want to go to the movies! Dear Hubby, if you are reading this, there are some movies out that I wanted to see. And the popcorn promises to be delicious!