Thursday, October 30, 2014

Not So Bitter

The twists and turns of life could make me bitter.
I could moan and groan and cry for want of what ifs.
The ways of things have not always been easy,
But I find that I can find the joy in living.

I'm so grateful for this magnificent talent,
I might not have the skills to play on key music,
Or cook a feast of gourmet magic,
But I can see every day's sunrise promise.

That's not to say I don't have rotten moments,
And times of wanting to throw a tantrum!
But deep inside I have a knowledge
That life is life and I can make the best of it.

This post inspired by prompt #3 at Mama's Losin' It!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

It's Laugh Or Cry

Last night I sent this text to my husband:

"The why's and how's are not important, just this awful truth: our dogs ate people poop off our living room floor."

In these true life experiences, often the choice is to laugh or to cry.  I'm going to laugh.  Sure, there was poop on the floor, and yes, the dogs found it before any of us adult type people knew there was a problem, but holy macaroni, this is going to be a darn funny story to tell for the rest of our lives!

This post inspired by prompt #2 at Mama's Losin' It!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Right To Wear Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are my husband's least favorite thing I own.  In his defense, he doesn't like yoga pants on anyone.  I also felt a little like a cheater when I wore them, since the most yoga like thing I did was Wii related.  Yoga pants are really just sweat pants elegant cousin.

But now I have every right to wear yoga pants.  I am taking a yoga class.

My daughter started asking me to sign up way back in summer, it was something 'fun' we could do together.  I finally relented, hating the thought of it.  I hate school, I hate class, I hate being instructed.  The closer we got to the start of class, the more anxious I became.

And the first day of class, I was a cranky wreck.

That was weeks ago.  I still hate the build up to class, but then I get there and sit down and start getting into a calm zone and it's totally worth it.  I love the stretches and the poses and the time spent with my daughter.

Plus, I can wear my yoga pants with pride.  I've earned them!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Move Over Wilma And Marge

I think I've finally settled into my style groove; the sweet spot where the clothes I like are the clothes that look good on me.  It's a good place to be.  I alternate black and gray with pops of surprising color and I don't shy away from prints.

But I don't really wear accessories.  I don't usually add jewelry to my outfits.  I don't do scarfs or hats or pretty hair clips.  It's usually all about the clothes, but yesterday as I was getting ready in shades of blue, I saw this big yellow necklace.

Put it on, and loved it.

Put it on, loved it, and wished I had like ten more necklaces just like this one in different colors.

Put it on, loved it, wished for more, and had a thought tickle my mind about who always wears a big beaded necklace....

Oh, that's right.  Wilma Flintstone and Marge Simpson.

The fact that I'm taking fashion accessory advice from cartoon women doesn't faze me.  It's obviously a classic style!