Thursday, October 30, 2014

Not So Bitter

The twists and turns of life could make me bitter.
I could moan and groan and cry for want of what ifs.
The ways of things have not always been easy,
But I find that I can find the joy in living.

I'm so grateful for this magnificent talent,
I might not have the skills to play on key music,
Or cook a feast of gourmet magic,
But I can see every day's sunrise promise.

That's not to say I don't have rotten moments,
And times of wanting to throw a tantrum!
But deep inside I have a knowledge
That life is life and I can make the best of it.

This post inspired by prompt #3 at Mama's Losin' It!


  1. Loved your post. Loved your attitude! I have been thinking about my own attitude lately. I can say to that I, like you, almost always find myself on the happy optimistic side of life. In spite of trials. I think it is as gift. Feeling grateful with you!

  2. This is a beautiful and necessary reminder for so many of us!

  3. What a positive outlook. I needed to read this. Stopping by from mama kats kelley at the road goes ever ever on