Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm Feeling A Bit Mother Bearish

Isn't this cute? A Mother Bear and her Cub, all sweet and nice and loving.

The thing with a Mother Bear is that she does not like to be poked with a stick. And whoa be it to the person who dares to poke at her child with a stick.

Fierce is the nicest word to describe it.

I feel just a bit Mother Bearish right now. And as you often find out as a human mother, this is something I just have to let my child work on. I want to run in with guns blazing, eyes glaring and teeth gnashing, but I won't.

I am going to daydream of those things though.

1 comment:

  1. I would let the urge to feed on her flesh pass, but then I would totally mother bear her. If she gets to dictate any hurt on your child she deserves it. Also, saw on FB that Sun. p.m. at 9 something K. was writing love notes. Totally not something you would do if you were breaking up with someone. Just saying.