Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Will Never Yell Bingo

But that's okay!

If I was playing Bingo (big if since I do not like to play games) and I got a Bingo, I would just ignore it.

And instead of feeling embarrassed about that quirk, because it's not a supposed situation....I have played Bingo as a kid and never won even when I could have, I have decided to embrace it. So what if I don't yell Bingo?

I am 36 years old today and will no longer be shackled by my lack of desire to yell Bingo!

I'm too busy yelling other things.....

Be Careful!
Dinner time!
Have a good day!
What were you thinking?
Crap to heck!
Emma! Sarah! Olive!
Stop Barking!
There's a Moth!!

I may be Bingo-less by choice, but I like to think my life is one big win!


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