Monday, August 9, 2010

I Never Feel More Like Suzy Homemaker Than When....

I have filled the freezer with provisions.

After spending an hour pouring over recipes and making a two week menu plan, then going through the cupboards and making my grocery list, I shop the commissary for bargains and deals. Granted, being the commissary, it already has bargains and deals, but like every store, it will clearance or mark down items.

What I really want is chicken on sale. I know. I hate raw chicken. But if I can get lucky and find it on a clearance sale, I will buy it up.

Yesterday was my lucky day.

Or unlucky because I really do hate dealing with raw chicken.

As I stood in front of the chicken, looking at packages and prices, I discovered boneless skinless chicken breasts on half price sale. Yippee! I grabbed those packages. On an even better sale were packages of chicken tenderloins. Usually I avoid these because of that weird tendon thingy that turns my stomach, but for $1 a pound, how could I walk away?

I couldn't. I bought lots. I came home, put it in the fridge and cooked dinner. Then I wanted to sit down and read book number 76 of the year, but I couldn't. That raw chicken was calling to me. I chopped it up (pulling that horrible white thing out of every single piece) and cooked it. Now I have the freezer stocked full of cooked chicken, ready to toss into a stir-fry or roll into a chimichanga at a moments notice.

I feel like a domestic queen! A slightly nauseated one, since all that raw chicken was really not nice, but still, a queen!

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