Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To All My Good Underwear: Take One Step Forward

Ah-ah, gray pair that looks perfectly perfect, you are done for.

You are very tricky, but I think I need to get rid of you. I think that every time I've got you on, about half way through my day, but by then it is too late....

You aren't like some of my other's that should go. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. The ones that have some stray elastic wiggles from the waist band, or fuzzy strings that come out of the dryer all tangled with every single sock that was in there with them.

Nope. You, gray pair, look great, feel great. You are awesome. Except for the little teeth marks a certain chewing puppy made.

The problem is I don't want to toss a worn pair of underwear. I know, that's weird. I'm literally getting rid of them, it shouldn't matter what their cleanliness is. So I throw you in the hamper to wash before tossing and because when I find a good thing, I usually buy more than one, I have several pairs that are all the same color. When you all come out of the laundry, you all look good.

What I forget about until I wear this one pair is that those tiny teeth holes are tiny because they've been washed in hot water, and dried in the dryer, and they are shrunk down. They get bigger as the day goes on!

You must go. It's the sort of underwear you always hear mother's warning about...

Unfortunately, I've already started the vicious cycle again by tossing you into the hamper. I don't really want to dig through it to find you. Here's hoping I'll remember as I'm folding clean laundry!

But I'm sure I won't.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Do You Hear What The Beagles Hear?

Another confession. I do something that I know most people would frown upon.

When I wipe off the counters or table, I just wipe all the crumbs and junk right onto the floor. The idea of brushing that crap of into my hand is so disgusting, so revolting, I have never willingly done it.

Isn't that what brooms are for?

Or actually, Beagles?

As soon as the dogs hear the dish rag drawer squawk open, then the water turn on, they come running. Fast. They know what that means, and neither one wants to miss the chance of a loose fruit loop or a few crumbs of crackers.

They snuffle around my feet, searching out every single tiny thing. Except carrots. They do not care for carrots.

That is what brooms are for.....getting the things Beagles turn their noses up at!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sugar Cereal Is Delicious

Fruit Loops by any other name still taste as yummy! And boy do I love them.

It's not just Fruit Loops. It's Honeycomb, Corn Pops, Cookie Crisp, and one of my all time favorites: Fruity Pebbles.

I've never been the mom that said no to a box of cereal because it was to "sugary". I don't buy all sugar cereal, and most mornings will find me eating cheerios, but there are still those days that you look at the row of boxes on top of the fridge and know you need something more special than blah cheerios!

I bought a bag of Fruitie Tooties (yes, literally a bag) to make cereal necklaces with my nephews. But I got sick and had to postpone my visit for a week.....and during that week I could not resist opening the bag and eating a bowl of Fruitie Tooties every morning. It was so good!

There was still plenty of cereal left to make two necklaces for the boys, and one for their mom, which they were very excited to see her put on when she got home. My favorite part of the craft was when J turned to me and asked, "Is there sugar in this cereal?" and I said, "Yes, can't you taste it?" which point he ate several handfuls before he looked back at me and said, "Yes. It's delicious!"

I quite agree. It is delicious!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pick Your Battles

When my daughter was young, it quickly became apparent that she was a SWC, Strong Willed Child. As her parents, we talked about how that characteristic would serve her well as an adult, but as a toddler, we really had to pick our battles with her. No, she couldn't go down town by herself, but yes, she could pick out her own clothes.

That decision has led to years of interesting outfits. Sometimes I have to say her unique choices look great. Other times, like this morning, I say, "OMG. What are you doing?"To which she replied, "Packing a snack for school." I didn't mean why was she filling a baggie with crackers. I meant why was she wearing "shorts" but also knee high socks? To keep her legs warm, duh Mom.

I said no. No. No. Sorry, I can't let her go off like this. Magenta long sleeve shirt, white t-shirt with fabric puffy paint designs on it that she and her friends made together so they would be matching triplets during homecoming spirit week, shorts and knee high socks that don't actually match anything else she's wearing. I can't do it!

So she rolls her socks down.

That really isn't any better. I smile and say, "Okay, wear them however. It's not like I'm going to be at school with you. You'd probably just pull them up when you left the house."
At least she's honest. She said that was her plan.
But that proves my point. Pick your battles, parents. Is it more important for your child to learn honesty and respect? Or for them to look like every other kid and not stand out in a crowd as a wack-a-doodle?
I happen to love my confident wack-a-doodle. Her brother is the same: he went through half a school year wearing a fedora and suit jacket every day. I think they get the fashion sense from their dad. I remember a pea green trench coat he wore in high school....did I mention his mullet? He so had one!
I draw the line at mullets. Unless they really want one. It's just hair. I guess.
Nope. Sorry. After some thought, mullets are my line in the sand!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

To The Deer Giving Me The Stink Eye

Yes, you. Don't pretend you don't remember me. I was the lady being walked by two adorable, yet completely oblivious, beagles.

It was early morning, before 7, the sun was starting to shine, the air was crisp and wonderful, and I was digging my walk. I saw your partner deer dash across the road half a block ahead of me, a car slowed down and I thought, hmm, the deer must still be standing in that yard.

As I approached, my eyes were completely focused on the yard across the street. Just a little further, and yep, a small deer was timidly standing there. Both beagles were on the scent of something, but it quickly became obvious that they were not tracking deer.

Because about 20 feet from us, on our side of the street, there you stood. Bigger than your friend, you stood there, your legs stiff with aggression, and you stared hard at me. At first I thought, whoa, weird. That deer is giving me a look.

I cautiously moved past, moving quickly, holding the dogs in check in case they saw you. They did not. I turned to watch you over my shoulder, and you followed me with your eyes, turning your head to watch me walk away.

Hmm. Not just giving me a look, but you were giving me the stink eye.

Was it the dogs? Because as you could tell, they may be hound dogs, but they are usually tracking food, not deer. Or was it the Mickey Mouse on my baseball cap? I imagine you aren't a fan of the movie Bambie.....and frankly, neither am I. That movie blows and it's not just because Bambie's mom bites the big one.

Regardless of why I got the stink eye from you, I wanted to let you know, it doesn't matter. That's been my walking route for years, and I'm not going to let some beady eyed, sharp hoofed bully chase me away.

And to all those people who are gushing over how sweet nature is, I want to say, it's not that sweet when you are 20 feet from it. It's a little disturbing.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Does My Hair Still Smell Like Campfire Smoke?

Our camping trip was fantastic! Started off rough, with cold rainy weather, and a ferry crossing that felt a bit too wobbly, but when we got to our camp site, the rain was letting up, the weather wasn't entirely butt freezing cold and the ground only slightly resembled a giant mud puddle. Heavy on the mud.
Who knew the hardest part about camping with two dogs would be the mud?

We enjoyed our hot dogs roasted over the almost but not quit dying fire (the wood wasn't up to par, it had nothing to do with E, king of the fire makers) and discovered we all have a serious love of peanuts in the shell. Smores, of course, followed all of that, and we went to bed when it was dark out. It was about 8:30, but I was so tired!

The next few days saw us becoming "Twilighters"....
hiking to Cape Flattery, the most NW tip of our state......

hiking in the Hoh Rain Forrest (with a careful eye open for rampaging Elk, seriously, there was a flier, and worrying about how dogs are the natural enemies of everything in the forest, again, seriously, it was on a sign).....
driving on roads we'd never been on before, getting our favorite fish and chips from the Sand Castle in Ocean Shores and driving down the beach in search of a moderately people-less stretch of sand to enjoy our oh so yummy lunch....
The weather dried up, the sun came out and it was positively warm outside!

We came home tired, happy, and so glad we went.

Now days later, I just have one thing to say....Does my hair still smell like campfire smoke? I've showered multiple times since we got back, but this morning as I was drying my hair, I swear I smelled that lovely, intoxicating aroma again.

If I have to smell like something, campfire smoke is at the top of my list!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blue Tarp Camping

There is a commercial on TV about Blue Tarp Campers and how if you're truly a Pacific North Westerner, you understand what that means.

Not only do you understand it, but you've done it. It was part of growing up! Camping in the rain, soggy tent leaking a bit, miserable kids, parents at wits end....and yet, we did it again and again.

As first time parents, we lived in New Jersey, and we didn't even think we could take our baby camping until he was over a year. But back home in Washington, with our second baby, we took her out at 4 weeks old. Looking back, that seems a smidge insane, and when you add in the fact that we didn't even bring a lawn chair, it was wicked insane!

Now the kids are older, and five years ago we bought a tent trailer. That has been one of the best investments of our life! We're running into a trouble of the kids growing tall and the table folding down to a bed isn't really the right length for them, but we'll deal.

It's spring break and that means camping! We missed Dad last year when he was deployed, but this year we are going for it. As I write this, it is nasty outside: rain, wind, cold. Everyone is saying we nuts to go in this weather.

Nuts? It's spring break weather! It's Blue Tarp Camping at it's finest...and we can not wait to to pull out of the driveway on another adventure.