Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Do You Hear What The Beagles Hear?

Another confession. I do something that I know most people would frown upon.

When I wipe off the counters or table, I just wipe all the crumbs and junk right onto the floor. The idea of brushing that crap of into my hand is so disgusting, so revolting, I have never willingly done it.

Isn't that what brooms are for?

Or actually, Beagles?

As soon as the dogs hear the dish rag drawer squawk open, then the water turn on, they come running. Fast. They know what that means, and neither one wants to miss the chance of a loose fruit loop or a few crumbs of crackers.

They snuffle around my feet, searching out every single tiny thing. Except carrots. They do not care for carrots.

That is what brooms are for.....getting the things Beagles turn their noses up at!

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