Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blue Tarp Camping

There is a commercial on TV about Blue Tarp Campers and how if you're truly a Pacific North Westerner, you understand what that means.

Not only do you understand it, but you've done it. It was part of growing up! Camping in the rain, soggy tent leaking a bit, miserable kids, parents at wits end....and yet, we did it again and again.

As first time parents, we lived in New Jersey, and we didn't even think we could take our baby camping until he was over a year. But back home in Washington, with our second baby, we took her out at 4 weeks old. Looking back, that seems a smidge insane, and when you add in the fact that we didn't even bring a lawn chair, it was wicked insane!

Now the kids are older, and five years ago we bought a tent trailer. That has been one of the best investments of our life! We're running into a trouble of the kids growing tall and the table folding down to a bed isn't really the right length for them, but we'll deal.

It's spring break and that means camping! We missed Dad last year when he was deployed, but this year we are going for it. As I write this, it is nasty outside: rain, wind, cold. Everyone is saying we nuts to go in this weather.

Nuts? It's spring break weather! It's Blue Tarp Camping at it's finest...and we can not wait to to pull out of the driveway on another adventure.

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  1. Very nice! I forgot Erik was gone last year, glad you can go this April. Hope it doesn't rain the whole time!