Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Does My Hair Still Smell Like Campfire Smoke?

Our camping trip was fantastic! Started off rough, with cold rainy weather, and a ferry crossing that felt a bit too wobbly, but when we got to our camp site, the rain was letting up, the weather wasn't entirely butt freezing cold and the ground only slightly resembled a giant mud puddle. Heavy on the mud.
Who knew the hardest part about camping with two dogs would be the mud?

We enjoyed our hot dogs roasted over the almost but not quit dying fire (the wood wasn't up to par, it had nothing to do with E, king of the fire makers) and discovered we all have a serious love of peanuts in the shell. Smores, of course, followed all of that, and we went to bed when it was dark out. It was about 8:30, but I was so tired!

The next few days saw us becoming "Twilighters"....
hiking to Cape Flattery, the most NW tip of our state......

hiking in the Hoh Rain Forrest (with a careful eye open for rampaging Elk, seriously, there was a flier, and worrying about how dogs are the natural enemies of everything in the forest, again, seriously, it was on a sign).....
driving on roads we'd never been on before, getting our favorite fish and chips from the Sand Castle in Ocean Shores and driving down the beach in search of a moderately people-less stretch of sand to enjoy our oh so yummy lunch....
The weather dried up, the sun came out and it was positively warm outside!

We came home tired, happy, and so glad we went.

Now days later, I just have one thing to say....Does my hair still smell like campfire smoke? I've showered multiple times since we got back, but this morning as I was drying my hair, I swear I smelled that lovely, intoxicating aroma again.

If I have to smell like something, campfire smoke is at the top of my list!


  1. Makes me want to go again right now...

    For the record, the "wobbly" ferry ride was flat calm....Just sayin' ;)

  2. That does sound nice, I think I will like camping more when I am done with the baby stage. I want to sit by the fire and read a book, not chase babies around! The pictures are beautiful, I am so glad you were able to go!