Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pick Your Battles

When my daughter was young, it quickly became apparent that she was a SWC, Strong Willed Child. As her parents, we talked about how that characteristic would serve her well as an adult, but as a toddler, we really had to pick our battles with her. No, she couldn't go down town by herself, but yes, she could pick out her own clothes.

That decision has led to years of interesting outfits. Sometimes I have to say her unique choices look great. Other times, like this morning, I say, "OMG. What are you doing?"To which she replied, "Packing a snack for school." I didn't mean why was she filling a baggie with crackers. I meant why was she wearing "shorts" but also knee high socks? To keep her legs warm, duh Mom.

I said no. No. No. Sorry, I can't let her go off like this. Magenta long sleeve shirt, white t-shirt with fabric puffy paint designs on it that she and her friends made together so they would be matching triplets during homecoming spirit week, shorts and knee high socks that don't actually match anything else she's wearing. I can't do it!

So she rolls her socks down.

That really isn't any better. I smile and say, "Okay, wear them however. It's not like I'm going to be at school with you. You'd probably just pull them up when you left the house."
At least she's honest. She said that was her plan.
But that proves my point. Pick your battles, parents. Is it more important for your child to learn honesty and respect? Or for them to look like every other kid and not stand out in a crowd as a wack-a-doodle?
I happen to love my confident wack-a-doodle. Her brother is the same: he went through half a school year wearing a fedora and suit jacket every day. I think they get the fashion sense from their dad. I remember a pea green trench coat he wore in high school....did I mention his mullet? He so had one!
I draw the line at mullets. Unless they really want one. It's just hair. I guess.
Nope. Sorry. After some thought, mullets are my line in the sand!

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  1. I've already given up on Jack. The only rule is jeans to Church, otherwise it is comfy pants and weird shirts he picks out!