Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Dad's Favorite Cake

For a lot of people, knowing that your Dad loved German Chocolate cake and asked for it every birthday, is no big deal. It's like knowing your favorite color is green.

But my Dad died when I was four years old and I don't really know that much about him. I recently told my mom how much it means to me, how the best gifts she's ever given me, are stories or tidbits of information about him.

Like when she sees a certain smile my son gives in a picture and she says that is so your Dad, I am thrilled.

For me to learn that he loved a cake I find positively disgusting is actually a really cool thing.

It's the cake my son picked for his special birthday treat.

This is not a sad post. This is a post rejoicing in family! It's funny how generations are all bound together by more than looks.....and I find that completely wonderfully awesome.

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  1. Before I switched to banana cream pie, I always had german chocolate cake with the coconut goo frosting. Loved it!