Monday, August 16, 2010

Mom Senses Came With The Membership

Fifteen years ago today, August 16, I joined team Motherhood.

And as I look at my son today, I can not believe he was that little meowing baby, with tiny fingers and toes and a slightly misshaped head, that danced when he heard the Simpsons theme song that first night of his life.

Man, he was darling. Took my breath away just looking at his sleepy eyes and his bubble gum checks.

When his sister was born, I marveled at the fact that,yes, indeed, for reals and trues, she was a girl. A daughter! With massive amounts of dark hair capping a perfect chubby faced sweat pea. The bliss of holding her is indescribable and the fact that she loved to bite from the day one is something that makes me laugh now!

I know, some people wonder how they could love a second baby as much as they love the first, but I never wondered. I knew I would love each child of ours with the same fierce love.

And I have. Bit harder now, when they are growing and wanting a little less of my Mom sense to tingle when something is wrong....but that's what happened the day he was born. I got Mom senses and I can't turn them off!

That extra sense I didn't know I had and the stretch marks I wish to heck I didn't came with the membership to team Motherhood.

Best thing I ever joined.

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