Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Move Over Wilma And Marge

I think I've finally settled into my style groove; the sweet spot where the clothes I like are the clothes that look good on me.  It's a good place to be.  I alternate black and gray with pops of surprising color and I don't shy away from prints.

But I don't really wear accessories.  I don't usually add jewelry to my outfits.  I don't do scarfs or hats or pretty hair clips.  It's usually all about the clothes, but yesterday as I was getting ready in shades of blue, I saw this big yellow necklace.

Put it on, and loved it.

Put it on, loved it, and wished I had like ten more necklaces just like this one in different colors.

Put it on, loved it, wished for more, and had a thought tickle my mind about who always wears a big beaded necklace....

Oh, that's right.  Wilma Flintstone and Marge Simpson.

The fact that I'm taking fashion accessory advice from cartoon women doesn't faze me.  It's obviously a classic style!

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