Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Garner Files

***In honor of one of my favorite actors, I am reposting something I wrote in 2012.  
James Garner will be missed.***

If you've read this post from the past, then you know I love James Garner.  
And now that I've read The Garner Files, I love him even more!
A good autobiography needs to include interesting anecdotes: check.
And a handful of intimate details you weren't sure you wanted to know about your hero: check.
It should also have a collection of fascinating photos that you can't help but look through before you start reading, several times while you are reading, and just a few more looks after you read the last line: check.
It should inspire you to revisit the movies and shows that made you a fan of your favorite actor in the first place: check.
If it also pulls at your heartstrings and grows your admiration of the man behind the actor, then it is a darn good autobiography!

And in chapter eleven, when he says my favorite movie, Murphy's Romance, is one of his favorite movies....and devotes 4 pages to it and includes the dialogue from the last scene which he considers one of the great love scenes ever which I quite agree with, then, this book is going on my must read again list.


  1. I'm not sure I want to admit this? But I've never seen Murphy's Romance. I need to, obviously. Especially now that I've read your previous post where you quote the last line (so sweet)...and now it's considered one of the greatest love scenes by anyone who's anyone? Again, obviously I need to see this movie.

  2. I just watched it again and I still love it, so it has stood the test of 20+ years as being on my favorite movie list!

  3. I love James Garner and my mom really, really loved James Garner. Both my mom and my sister adored Murphy's Romance. As a teenager, I rejected it on the basis of "romance" in the title, but when I watched it as an adult, I loved it, too. I am adding this book to my ever-growing list!

  4. I was always a fan of James Garner - and now on this journey with my mom and his role in The Notebook - I was hooked all over again. I am off to order this as soon as I'm done here. Can't wait to read it.