Thursday, May 28, 2015

Four Days To Go

Today I started my day like I have started every day for the last four years: I got up early, made coffee, gave my daughter her first of at least two wake up calls.  I poured some coffee and sat down to enjoy the quiet of the house before our day really gets started.

I thought of last night, watching my daughter accept her valedictorian sash, another award for top scholarship in the state of Washington, and monetary scholarships for the next step in her life.  I listened to the words she'd written, how she didn't set out to be valedictorian, but once she realized she was on a straight 4.0 roll, she knew she would work hard to stay rolling, how one of her greatest achievements in school was maxing out in weight training, how her humor is under appreciated (but that seems less true based on how much laughter her speech generated) and I was stunned by the knowledge that I helped shape this confident, fearless, wonderful girl.

Four school days left and then we say goodbye to high school.  I could say I'm sad to see it go, but I'm not.  I'm so happy for her, so very proud of how much she has to offer life, I'm excited to see where her dreams will take her.

And I will not miss the calls from school.....

"Mom?  I forgot my permission slip for the senior picnic and it is due today.  Can you bring it?  And my French homework?"

Okay....I might miss those easy to fix calls for help!

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