Friday, November 1, 2013

Why I Stayed Up Late

Last night I was up past 11.  That is past my bedtime, past the hour my common sense kicks in and says 'hey, don't forget you have to work in the morning,' past the time I should be doing the dishes.

And yet, there I was, standing in the kitchen, washing dishes at 11 pm last night.

It wasn't because I took 6 teenage girls to Seattle to trick or treat.....and it was because I took 6 teenage girls to Seattle to trick or treat!

On the way down, only one girl was spending the night.  On the way home, everyone was having too much fun to call it a night, and I heard a chorus of, "Mom, is it okay if we all sleep over," and I said, "Of course!" and we drove back to our house and as they started their million trips up and down the stairs, taking turns washing off Halloween face paint, raiding the kitchen for milk, I realized I did not have any clean silverware.

And then I realized when you have no silverware sitting in the silverware tray, that tray looks awfully dirty and gross, and while some of these girls have been at our house so long I consider them part of the family, some are newer and I really don't like to make a dirty first impression.

So I washed the trays.  Then all the dishes.  Then dried and put dishes away.  I smiled as I looked at the gleaming silverware drawer and then I started wondering if washing dishes at 11 pm followed a normal thought process.  Of course it did, I reassured myself.  Anyone who saw that grimy, empty tray would have done the same thing.

I hope!


  1. I probably would have done the same thing; pretty logical really. Of course, having that gaggle of teenage girls sleep over probably meant that you weren't getting to sleep that soon anyway…..

  2. I would probably have gone to bed and then lay there tossing and turning and stressing about the nasty tray until I was doing dishes at 2AM instead of 11PM.