Saturday, March 15, 2014

Air Held Promises

The morning was overcast, with dark gray pavement that told of recent rain; the promise of more showers was everywhere, most likely as we walked, but we felt adventurous, the girls and I.

We leaped out into our morning, and caught the rhythm of the early Saturday riser.

The people we met were just like us, wide awake, loving the wind that alternated between pushing and pulling us as we crested hills and cruised down valleys.

The air seemed to hold the promise of something other than rain.....


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  1. Our weather has been toying with us this year more than ever. It was 50 last Monday followed on Wednesday with a high of 15 and a blizzard. Yay. Then high 40s on Friday and yesterday it never hit 20. I'm getting whiplash.