Thursday, May 29, 2014

It Was Epic

This might have been our best trip to Seaside.  Ever.  And that's saying a lot because it was like our 12th trip.  We started out with three sisters and two kids and we've morphed into three sisters, one mom, two husbands, one teenager and six kids.

In one house.

It was wonderful!  It's the stuff of legends!  It's the sort of trip our children will remember and tell the tales of to their children.  Where else could they hear the sounds of their Moms and Aunts and Dad and Uncle and Grandpa and Grandma talk and laugh long into the night; where morning was a feast of pancakes and bacon served up at the long table; where the beach was a short walk to reach and the sun was shining and the entire day was spent digging and kite flying and playing in the ocean.....



  1. I agree, I think it was one of our bests! The house might have made the trip even better! Countdown is on until next year. :)

  2. I love holidays like that - giving your kids happy memories is so important. Sounds fun, especially as pancakes were involved!