Saturday, June 14, 2014

Those Dreaded Words

After my daughter listened to a long and mostly boring story involving me being unhappy that people I know saw me in my yard working clothes: my least flattering yoga pants (here my husband asks if any yoga pants are flattering?) and a ratty old shirt fit for nothing else but dirty yard work or the rag bin, after that story, my daughter responded with those dread words daughters everywhere fear:

"You sound just like Grandma."

What?  I am shocked!  I never! agree.  

I remember listening to my mom fuss about being seen in her gardening clothes and it was so embarrassing for her.  But instead of being dismayed  that I sound just like my Mom, I thought of even worse words.

"She was right!"


  1. Haha, it comes to all of us one day!

  2. Yep, it kind of just sneaks up on us…..

    Good thing we don't need to be fashionable to enjoy a nice garden; enjoy yours :)

  3. It is weird to open your mouth and hear your mother's words! :)