Saturday, December 8, 2007

Buttered Toast Rocks

I keep telling myself that buttered sourdough toast is wicked bad for me. The carbs, the real butter I can't help but slather on....It's so not good for me! I don't need to buy that doughnut or another tall mocha, but I can not resist a hot, crunchy, dripping with butter piece of toast. Now that my husband is off again, gone to soldier, I am trying to be good. I really am! But that sourdough bread calls to me and the butter is sitting there in all it's delicious yellow glory and the next thing you know, I'm putting away the healthy blah oatmeal and pulling the toaster out of the cupboard. I even but the toaster away every day, hoping the extra hassle to get it out will slow me down. Um, so far, not working. And I can say bending down, lifting the toaster up is some kind of exercise. A knee bend squat thing and a weight lifting arm thing. I do notice I only use my right arm to lift the toaster. Tomorrow I'll try to switch to the left. Don't want to be lopsided like that guy from "Lady in the Water."

1 comment:

  1. Yes, sourdough,toasted to a crisp golden brown, hand made by a small artisan baker ( I get a loaf every week from our local farmers market), dripping with European style sweet unsalted butter, has to be what God eats for breakfast... I know I do... Toast on !!!