Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Can You Say Emma?

As previously mentioned, I love my dog Emma. I think she's just the most perfectly perfect Beagle ever.

She has a fan in my just turned one year old nephew. He loves her too! He brings her toys to play with, but she won't rough house with him. I'm afraid she's jealous of the times he has been held by me.

A few months ago, when he was spending the night, I had a sudden inspiration! Emma is a very easy word to say. Very easy! Very similar to most baby's first word of "mama".....

So began my diabolical plan. Pure evil genius if you will! I would softly say "Emma, Emma, Emma" to him as we played, when we let Emma outside, when she begged for food at the table.

I told his mom I was whispering it to him as he slept, my version of subliminal messages. I didn't really. That might have woken him up and frankly, everyone knows to leave sleeping babies or dogs alone!

Even without any whispered night time messages, it worked. It really worked. His first word is officially "Emma" and he uses it when he sees other dogs. It turns out, it doesn't just mean her. I don't care, I'll take it as a win!

I did feel a little guilty. I really did! His first word could have been mama, but I ruined that. Oh well. Look out 3 month old nephew...I'm working on Emma as your first word too. Turns out, I'm about 75% evil....I can't resist!

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  1. As long as he doesn't call me Emma, it is fine by me. It is better then "duck" or whatever Jack was really trying to say with his first words. We still have way too many duck toys, books, and blankets because of that!