Sunday, July 20, 2008

Oscar Mayer, How Could You?

Oh, Oscar Mayer, how could you do this to me?

I've been your number one fan of your all beef franks. I love their texture, their pale pink loveliness, their all-beef-no-questionable-meat-ness, the way they blacken over an open fire. They are the only hot dogs I will buy, for years and years.

A few weeks ago, we were camping in Oregon. We ran out of hot dogs, which is easy to do since that is our favorite camping dinner, and we stopped at a local grocery store to buy OM all beef franks. They looked different, more red, and when we ate them, they were DIFFERENT.

The taste and texture was like eating a SAUSAGE! No! No! No! I want my hot dog to be like a rolled up piece of bologna, smooth and delicious.

I told myself it was because we were in a different state. But I discovered yesterday as I shopped for another camping trip, Oscar Mayer has a "new and improved" label on their all beef hot dogs, and they are the same horrible red color. No thank you. Why mess with a good thing in the first place?

So, Oscar Mayer, you have forced me to shop around for a new brand of hot dogs. Ball-Park all beef franks, step up to bat. Let's see how you plump.


  1. So maybe you'll like our Oscar Mayer not all beef hot dogs...they are not red and they ARE bun length! That's a selling point for David....

  2. I think I am going to vomit. I realize I hate hot dogs and thinking of them pink and plump is not helping. Also, I had to eat one of the boys' chicken hot dogs last night and almost threw up trying to swallow the last bite. Eating a hot dog that tastes like chicken is not right!