Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pass The Ketchup

It's entirely possible that about half of the food I eat is an excuse to eat ketchup.

Every time french fries, onion rings or tater tots come towards my mouth, they need to have a cap of ketchup on them. Hashbrowns need a topping of ketchup, as does meatloaf, so every single bite is covered. Scrambled eggs used to require a lot of that red stuff, but since my daughter started making cheesy eggs with a splash of milk, I don't need the ketchup.

Things like hot dogs and burgers that need ketchup on them, still need to be dipped in ketchup before every bite. If there isn't a puddle of that red liquid gold sitting on my plate with my dog, you better believe something has gone terrible wrong in the world.

Like, say, there's only enough ketchup for the kids. And by only, I mean by our standards. Regular people would look at a bottle of ketchup 1/3 full and think that's plenty. We look at it and get a bit panicky about how little there is. That is a true testament of my mother's love for them...when we're almost out of ketchup, I will forgo it to let them get enough. The kids have inherited my love for ketchup.

Although I've never seen them drink it as I once did. That was mostly to shock and awe the kids and it worked.

I tried the ketchup potato chips in Canada, but those tasted nothing like ketchup.

And do not try to pass "catsup" off as ketchup. I can tell the difference, and I do not approve.

Yep, there's only one brand of ketchup that makes my heart sing and that would be good old Heinz 57. It's pure goodness.

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