Monday, March 16, 2009

Wednesday Date Night

I will forever be grateful to my second Mom for inviting my kids to her church's Wednesday night program. D loves the youth group, and has a posse of friends we bring every week, and L is mad for Awana and is making the very most of her year there. Dinner is provided by the church, so I just drop the kids off with Grandma S and they are taken care of for three hours.

Three glorious kid free hours!

I felt pretty guilty how jealously I guarded this night to be with my husband. We don't do anything special (usually!) but even if it's just baked potatoes for dinner and reading books on the couch, it is so wonderful, I hate to loose it.

Last week I went to Awana with my daughter. She'd invited me because she had a thank you card made for me for the work I do teaching Sunday school. I went because I love her, but I was so sad to miss my night with my husband.

I was standing around waiting for L to check in when I saw a mom I know from PTA. She asked if I was dropping L off, and I said no, actually, tonight I'm staying. She started laughing and said her kids know not to ask that of her. Wednesday is date night for her and her husband and she won't give that up!

I felt so much better after she said that! It's not just me who sees those Wednesday night hours as a way to recharge and relax.

I said my second Mom is always so glad the kids love going with her, and it is a gift she's given them, but it's also a gift she's given me. I love Wednesday nights!

I'm choosing not to think about summer break!

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