Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sarah's Handiwork

I got home from work yesterday and spent quite a bit of time putzing around the kitchen and dining room. I must have been home for 30 minutes before I walked into the living room and saw this:
At first I wasn't sure what all those bits of things were.....then I took a closer look at the doll and it was freaky.
Our wonderful puppy Sarah is not to be trusted. She must be in her crate when we are gone, otherwise she chews furniture (in her defense she only does it to one chair, her chair) or toys that belong to the kids, or I have even found puppy chew teeth marks in clean underwear (I hadn't shut my drawer all the way and I guess it was a temptation she couldn't refuse)....So she can't be left out.

My son sort of disagrees. I'm not sure if it's because he gets caught up in the moment of leaving and forgets or if it's because she's only chewed up one of his things versus many of his sisters things and it's not that pressing of a concern for him or if he truly believes each time that Sarah has changed her chewing ways.

Regardless, Sarah is a chewer. She went upstairs, dug around in the treasure trove of a mess my daughter calls a room and returned downstairs with her prize, where she chewed off the doll's hands, feet, legs, arms and somehow also undressed her (the dolls dress and jacket show some dog chewing, but not much considering the mess the doll is in).

I was a smidge worried about the state of the dolls hair. Either my daughter had cut it, or Sarah had also eaten most of it off the back. When L came home, she said was shocked, but also said that was okay. Ever since she cut that dolls hair, she had not wanted to look at it.....I told her that was her guilt and shame for having mucked up the hair in the first place.

The best part is we just bought Sarah new chew toys three days ago. Three of them in fact. One is in the trash because it is ruined, one is missing completely, and this is all that's left of the last:

It used to be a stuffed dog, complete with squeaker. Sarah is a bit fierce when it comes to toys. She goes for the kill every time. This is why we can't have a hamster, no matter how much L begs!

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