Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Love You, Craigslist

I love you. Really! I've found great bargains, and perfect finds, thanks to you. I've gotten rid of things for free, first come first serve, no hauling things to the dump for me! I've sold things and 'made' money, so like a garage sale but without the hassle.

You keep me entertained. You give my husband motorcycles to drool over. And you've made me laugh. Some of your posts are funny!

But, you aren't perfect. Nope. It's not your fault. I swear! It's the flakes that use you. I know, I know. Those flakes are the ones who've sold me my lovely couch or who've picked up a bag of free iris bulbs out of my front yard.

I don't mind the fact that I'm going to get about ten emails on a single item posted. I ignore the ones that are long distance phone numbers, with the call me please plea. I never meet someone halfway. I try to be fair and contact people in the order they email.

But I have a box of dragon legos that I can not get rid of. I've had three people make a plan to look at them, and then nothing. Not one word after that.

I've decided to take it as a sign from God! I wasn't sure if I was ready to let go of my son's favorite toys, even though he is too old for them. I'm not ready. They will be packed up and stored (right now my husband is gasping 'not in the bonus room!') and maybe in a couple years, when my nephews are older, the dragons will find a new home.

Or they'll sit in the bonus room for the next ten years and when my son has his own home, I'll pass them on to his bonus room.

And now, I've got to keep my morning date with you. It's E! news and free stuff on Craigslist that make my morning complete!

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