Friday, December 11, 2009

The TV Show I Should Stop Watching

I have a love hate relationship with A&E's show, "Hoarders". I should stop watching it for several reasons, but I can't. I think I love gasping in horror and saying, "E, can you believe that? Isn't that awful?"

First off, it's on Monday nights at 10. It is an hour long. That means I won't be thinking about going to bed until after 11! That's pretty late, and before you say, "Well, you are getting older, late nights aren't easy any more," let me be very clear. Late nights have never been easy for me! I was usually the first girl to fall asleep at slumber parties and New Year's Eve is my least favorite holiday!

Second, the show is called "Hoarders". It is all about people who are, you know, hoarders. They can't get rid of anything and usually end up living in a chair because that is the only "clear" space in the entire house. It is actually stomach turning to watch the tours of the house. There is no way I can snack during that show, even if it wasn't long past our cut off hour for snacking. Turns out, I can't eat while watching other people on TV shovel out houses full of human waste and dead animals.

But the real troubles come after the show, after 11, when I spend about 20 minutes wandering my house seeing signs of hoarding in myself! I do not stand for clutter. If it doesn't have a place, it doesn't stay long in our house. But after Monday nights, I can hardly stand to see the pile of clothes I have yet to put away, the stacks of creative memory works in progress I have on my desk and God forbid my bedroom trash overflow at all.

It is making me crazy.

My husband can attest to the truth in that statement!

And yet, every Monday at 10, we are cruising the channel guide. Is it a repeat? No? Then change the channel, quick! I don't want to miss one moment of stomach turning, gasp inducing programming!


  1. This is too weird!! I watched Hoarders for the first time this morning using my On Demand feature. Dead animals and feces...OMG! When we were trying to find cabinet space to fix our lunch I told Randy, it looks like hoarders live here! Definitely time to clean house....

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  4. I've only seen one episode and I was in awe! I decided I couldn't afford to add one more show to my list, but now that all of mine are on hiatus, I might start watching it!