Friday, April 16, 2010

Is A Dining Room Table Just For Eating At?

Or is it really the perfect place, the only place in the whole house actually, to store all the odds and ends of life?

Or is that just our family?

A few weeks ago, my husband recognized that my frustration actually had a practical solution. I was tired of clearing the table off in the morning and by evening, it was covered with things again. He said to the kids, "Kids, I'm making a Dad Decision. We are not going to let the table get messy like this. We will keep it cleared off."

And God Bless Him, he tried to do it! But I'm not sure that is even possible to do. Ever.

It's not just the kids, so don't say 'when the kids move out, you're table will be clutter free'......because currently sitting on the table:

two dirty plates from last nights dessert
coffee cup half full of coffee and cream
a stack of napkins brought to the table last night for dinner
a stale cracker
a stuffed dog that is not a dog toy but was used as one yesterday (it's not sure it wants to live)
a truck parts catalog
a cell phone with a very low battery life
a stack of PTSA papers
a land line phone in desperate need of finding its base
a purse turned into a lunch bag, complete with yesterday's lunch
and some junk mail that needs recycling......

Only four of those things can be laid at our children's feet. The majority, I am sad to say, belongs to me.

It's a good thing I like to eat my breakfast in front of the computer! I don't have to deal with the table until later.


  1. It has been my constant battle. Now I have 3 or 4 places to put "important" things, the counter, my desk, the top of the yellow cabinet. Anywhere but the table!

  2. And here all these years I've been blaming Randy. Maybe its a Nelsonism after all!