Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lunch Apple, You Done Me Wrong

Yesterday’s apple was mealy and soft. Not good at all.

This morning, I carefully pressed on the apple I picked up, testing it’s crisp pop sound. Sounds good.

Take a bite at lunch…OMG….softer and nastier than yesterday’s apple!

What on earth? I tested it! It popped!

Turn it to the other side and there is the crisp yumminess. Half this apple is awful. Half is good.

Lunch Apple, you have been very deceiving, playing at trickery. I do not approve.

Just for that, your last two apple brothers will languish in the fruit bowl until someone else in my family unsuspectingly takes one. I'm done with you.

I'm going to buy new apples tonight. New and crisp and hopefully delicious.

We'll see at tomorrow's lunch if this is actually a huge apple conspiracy, set up to make me think I'm going to have a bite of goodness, when the apple is anything but....

The way today's lunch apple went, I'm not sure a conspiracy theory is too far fetched.

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