Monday, December 24, 2012

Sprinkle Me

It's Christmas Eve morning, and I am awake and starting to plan
My kids and my hubby are still in dream land.
The coffee is on and the oven is heating
The dough is chilled and ready for rolling
Cookie cutter shapes line up in a row
Santa, angel, reindeer, wreath with a bow
The dogs are awake and sniffing around
And know a small cookie will make it's way down
The aroma of baking will rise through the air
The mess I will have with sprinkles everywhere

It's Christmas Eve morning and the carols softly play
The glow of the tree lights is making me smile
The excitement and joy of this magic moment
Is why I wake up early year after year!


  1. Yours sounds like an awesome house to be in during the holidays! Hope your Christmas was wonderful!

    1. Shortly after I baked the cookies, I found our dogs on the counter eating them all. It was a slightly less awesome moment in our house! But otherwise, we had a great Christmas!

  2. If I lived in your house I would be up early too, fighting the dogs for cookies ;-)