Friday, May 10, 2013

My 10 Cent Dogs

I am crazy in love with a handful of things: my husband and kids and family, buttered toast, good books and dogs.  The dog part might cross over from crazy in love to obsessed.  When I first started to really shop in the local antique towns, I decided to limit myself to dog related items.  I was slowly building up my collection and it was cool.

Then I started garage sale shopping every weekend and discovered I didn't need to pay $8 for a ceramic dog when the chances were very good that I would find one for $1.  Last weekend, my sister and I were digging through a box of 10 cent items when she pulled out a bag of plastic dogs.  It's a pickers world, with finds going to the eagle eyed, but I wanted that bag of dogs desperately.  

It's cool, I told myself.  I probably grabbed up tons of stuff she'd wanted but I saw first.  All's fair, I reminded myself.  And yet, I wanted!

The wonderful thing about my sisters is that we know each other pretty well, and shortly thereafter, her bag of 10 cent dogs became my bag of 10 cent dogs and now they sit on my shelf, high enough to not be considered chew toys for babies or real dogs.  I love them! 


  1. those are adorable, Happy Mother's Day!

  2. That's so nice! My sister always ends up giving me the stuff she finds that I admire (with a pleading look on my face) too. ;)

  3. Those remind me of the little ceramic animals that used to come in Red Rose tea bags. (They might still, but I don't buy tea so I wouldn't know.) My grandfather LOVED those little buggers. It was kind of cute.