Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Day Of Surprises Good And Not So Good

There are good surprises: like turning the page in the library book and your eye catches sight of something not word like and your mind immediately jumps to snot balls, but instead you discover this lovely pressed flower:
Then there are not so good surprises: like looking in the kitchen cupboards and drawers and realizing you are missing a lot of cups and silverware and after gathering your gumption, you venture upstairs to discover a cookie sheet, a popcorn bowl, 2 cereal bowls, 2 dinner plates, 4 coffee mugs, 8 forks, 10 spoons and 26 drinking glasses, all pretty disgustingly dirty:
 The worst being this cup of something that smells about how you'd imagine it might smell.....
 And this spoon which is actually a lot hairy then this picture shows......

I think I'll go look at the pressed flower some more, help restore my sense of goodness and beauty!


  1. Yikes! I'm glad you discovered that beautiful flower to offset all the mess. I hope you weren't the one who had to clean all that... :)

    Have a happy weekend. ☺

  2. Eeek! Whoever made those messes needs to clean them up pronto! I bet if they have to clean them, it won't happen again. At least not any time soon. :)

  3. Oh my...... I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who discovers those things! Thankfully I do have two young dishwashers who can take care of their own mess ;)