Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Bermuda Triangle For Tupperware And Towels

My house is the Bermuda Triangle for Tupperware and towels.....once they come in, they are rarely seen again.  I don't mean to absorb these things into my own, but it just happens.

Take for instance, the Tupperware my sister Amy brought to my husband, filled with jello....that was like 9 months ago and I just put our leftover dinner in it.  I try to set them aside, to remember to return them to their rightful owners, but in moments of super cleaning, I forget why exactly I've got a large plastic bowl balancing on top of the coffee maker.

Take note, Lisa....weeks ago Mom sent home chicken noodle soup in your green Tupperware bowl.....it is slowly moving it's way from the top of the coffee pot to a shelf in my cupboard.

The towels, on the other hand, I am not sure where they come from.  Who is coming into our home and leaving their bath towels in the laundry?  I don't even try to return the those; I am that short on towels.  I will use every single one that drifts into our house!


  1. LOL Sounds familiar—especially the Tupperware part. :)

  2. I still have towels that appeared when the girls, way back when, came back from camp.

  3. HA! This is so funny! I keep MISSING bowls and towels. Maybe they're migrating to your place!

  4. You only got your cake pan back because it is so obviously yours! Any tupperware mom sends to me quickly becomes one of mine!

  5. I wonder if tupperware bowls have a way of crossing the Atlantic, I seem to lose them all the time. Tupperware got wings. :)