Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Toothpaste Cap Blues

Years ago, I switched to a slightly more expensive toothpaste, not because it has fantastic promises of anti-cavity, anti-gingivitis, and whitening thrown in to boot, but because it had a flip top.  In my family, a screw on cap for toothpaste is the worst.  I might be the biggest culprit in this, but I'm not the only one, who forgets to screw it back on after use.

In time the toothpaste tube sits in a puddle of sticky blue gel and the lid has rolled off the counter to hang out in no man's land, behind the toilet.

But the lure of a sale price and two coupons caused me to buy a different kind of toothpaste and I groaned when I opened the box to see that darn screw on cap.

I'm afraid it's just a matter of time before the cap is gone and the tube starts it's downward slide to the garbage.  Honestly, an uncapped tube of anything that sticky seems to have a magnetic force that attracts every single stray hair and fluff of dust in the room.  

But it only cost me 88 I'd probably do it again next time too.  We can learn to screw the lid back on.  I hope!

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  1. Thank goodness the toothpaste (Crest or Colgate) that I tend to buy (on sale, of course) has flip-top lids because my family is just as bad! I know that this is a real "first-world problem" that we're moaning about but sometimes it's the little things......