Monday, July 8, 2013

I Can Feed An Army

It has become painfully clear lately that all my go to recipes are designed to feed an army of teenagers: mostly grown, very hungry, teenagers.  The painful part is that since graduation, I don't have an army to feed, which is why my daughter and I ate fajitas three nights in a row.

It's leftover central in the fridge, and even tonight, as I was making homemade mac and cheese, I told myself to cut it in half, instead of 2 cups of milk, I only need one.  It's simple math on this one, and yet I didn't do it.  What if the recipe doesn't taste as good when it's not in its full glory?

I guess I'll change when I get sick of leftovers!  Currently I have mac and cheese to feed us for another night and have some for lunches too.

I can feed an army, but I've got to relearn to cook so I can feed just a few.  I think it's easier said than done!


  1. That must be quite the adjustment. My kids are little, so we often have a lot of leftovers. Someone reminded me this weekend, though, that I won't be storing any food away once the kids are teenagers. LOL

    Good luck with the cooking!

  2. haha i hear ya---i don't know any other way to cook---how about sharing your mac and cheese recipe :)

  3. That would be hard...but then again leftovers are nice!! :)