Friday, August 16, 2013

18 Years Ago.....

18 years ago, exactly at 8:31 in the clear light of morning,
We met.
Dr. Roberts held you up, and said,
"It's a boy!"
And in that instant
The love I'd known for you for the last 8 months
Paled in comparison to the love that exploded in my soul.
I marveled at your perfection,
The obvious intelligence shining in your eyes,
The promise of joy unparalleled.
I held you and drank you in,
Barely able to share you with your Dad,
So content to feel your weight in my arms.
My life became infinitely, wonderfully, complicatedly, amazingly better,
At exactly 8:31 AM, 18 years ago today.

Happy Birthday David!

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