Wednesday, August 28, 2013

47 Bug Bites

I was going to wax poetical about 47 bug bites being the definition of a great time camping....

Except 47 bug bites itch like crazy.  I woke myself up twice in the night, scratching at angry welts.  And even now as I sit here, I'm aching to reach down and give three on the back of my calf a good, hard scratch.

But, 47 bug bites are worth it for a good weekend.  I swear.  Or at least, I'll swear that in a week when the itching has stopped!

It was a weekend of blackberry picking, impromptu dance parties, summer homework, smores, tractor rides and tractor driving, and so much fun.  There is nothing like watching Grandma and Grandpa walk down from their house to have blueberry pancakes with us around the fire.  It is literally priceless.

We've already marked our calendars for next year!


  1. That sounds and looks awesome....Can I come next year??

    1. You bet! The old cow field has tons of space for everyone!

  2. I think I have malaria based on the number of bites this summer. VICIOUS, right?