Saturday, February 1, 2014

Who Doesn't Need A Styrofoam Head?

I mean, really, who doesn't need, in an absolutely-must-have-soul-satisfying way, a stryofaom head?

I decided I needed be looking for just such a head as I shopped garage and estates sales.  And then today, at the first estate sale of 2014, in a room filled with boxes of junk, bags of plastic bags, a broken barbie and lots of pancake syrup, I spied it.  The head was beat up, it was knocked down, it was not so pretty.

I picked it up.  I  put it back.  I picked it up and I shook it all about.  Kidding.  I put it back, left the room, and treasure hunted the rest of the house.  At the end, with my husband more than ready to go, I walked back into the room, picked up the seen-better-days stryofoam head, and added it to my pile.  If the price was right, I could maybe paint it or something.

The price was right, so I brought home a head, with pins stuck in it like a voodoo doll, and set on the table and put some vintage hats on it and squealed with delight.  Then I started researching how to beatify my find.

Discovering that modge-podge works great on styrofoam, and that I had both modge-podge and a clean brush, there wasn't any question as to what I would!

So the question really changes from who doesn't need a styrofoam head to: 
Does the hat go like this?
 Or this?
Turns out I'm hat illiterate.  Without a tag clearing defining the back, I'm lost!

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  1. Either way, your Styrofoam head looks great! Have a nice Sunday. ☺