Saturday, August 9, 2014

Still Not Spider Free

My son had a theory that pulling down the ceiling would disturb a ton of giant spiders.  But after all was said and done, he only saw one.  Turns out, the others were just hiding and now that the dust has settled, they are trying to figure out what the heck has happened to their home.

Often, I catch and release.  I don't like killing anything, and that includes spiders.  They are just living their spider life, not hurting me, so I try to let them keep on living, albeit, not in my house.  But the last THREE giant spiders that have come around me have been too big, too huge, too freaking awful, too scary for me to catch.

The one in the living room, I could have caught it.  But it was super late at night, and I was half asleep when I saw it scurry across the floor and I panicked.  The one in the bathroom yesterday, well, it appeared that it and I had been standing on the same shower mat.  And that really got my adrenaline going and it was in a weird place where catching it was impossible and I was just out of the shower and kind of not interested in catching it and keeping it caught while I got dressed.  The one in the bathroom THIS MORNING was trying to hide under the scale (maybe it thought it wasn't being used too often?) but it's terribly long legs were sticking out!

At first I thought it was leftover debris from yesterday's killing, because it was exactly hiding where the other one had been, but then I moved the scale.

Nope.  Just another giant spider.

In terms of spiders, I think my son was right.


  1. We've got some giant spiders living in the very top top cabinets above our bedroom closets. Needless to say, I don't store anything there.

  2. I should share your sympathy for spiders. I wish I could say I do...but I really really don't. I just want them dead. All of them. All dead.

    The only problem is that I want all of the bugs they eat to be dead's a challenge.