Monday, November 3, 2014

Pop Rocks and Soda

As a kid, before this glorious invention of the Internet, where I can literally tap a microphone button and ask a question that I have been pondering (recent queries include "do slugs eat their dead?" and "what is sweetbread?"), before all this glorious knowledge that is at my fingertips just for the asking, things that weren't true couldn't be proven so without perilous risk to life and limb.

Take Pop Rocks and soda: this is a long held belief that eating the candy Pop Rocks and drinking a carbonated beverage at the same time would result in your insides exploding.  It killed that kid that only likes Life cereal.

I know it's not true.  I know Mikey is alive and well and probably still loving Life cereal because, truthfully, it is the best cereal ever.  

But am I willing to put this knowledge to the test?

No way.

Knowing something isn't going to kill you, a truth that goes against years of believing otherwise, isn't easily swallowed.

Besides, just my luck I would get sick on it and be the one person in the world that can't ingest that much carbonation!  Better play it safe, and avoid that experiment.

While I'm at it, I'll also skip Mentos and soda.  

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