Sunday, November 2, 2014

Long Term Knowing

Is blogging like being in a long term relationship?  The kind where you've been together for so long, you know every story before it's finished in the telling and you've heard it at least 10 times before.  You know the thoughts and opinions on things encountered on a daily bases because you've heard those same thoughts and opinions expressed all the time.  You've got nothing new to share.

I thought of that as I walked around in squeaky shoes.  I should blog about that, I thought, how much I absolutely hate squeaky shoes.  Oh, wait.  I wrote about that already.  Or  maybe I should write about getting a hole in my tights.  But I did that here and here and here too.  I could write about being cranky or how I turned that around to realize how thankful I am.  I could write about my kids or my dogs or  my husband or my sisters or my mom.

But I've done all that.  I've written all about all the things I think about, sometimes more than once.

So I guess my dear readers better strap in and get ready for some posts that they will know the ending to before I type the last word!  I'm feeling that old urge to write, and as I find my way, I might just repeat some.

1 comment:

  1. I've reinvented my blog several times through the years to keep it fresh for myself and for others. That's the only way I know to avoid the "relationship boredom."