Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Thank You Speech

I'm sure it's not just me, but most people carry around in their mind the thank you speech they'd give if they won on Oscar.  Not that I'm doing anything to win an Oscar, but, you know, I've got a thank you speech on deck, ready, just in case it's needed.

Since I'm feeling full to the brim with thanksgiving, I'm going to break it out.

I want to thank God, the Big Guy Himself, who makes all things possible.
I want to thank my Mom for everything, for chicken soup that is good for the soul and tummy, for little treats to uplift my spirit, for phone calls, texts and hugs to let me know she had my back.
I want to thank my Randy for sitting in the parking lot of two hours waiting for the tow truck to get my broken starter car home.
I want to thank my in laws for visits at the hospital and starters being replaced and how blessed we've been that their visit home happened to be a time we really needed them.
I want to thank my sisters for texting me, for visits, for making me laugh when I was stressed and worried, for much needed Dr Pepper and for bringing a book I had forgotten I was desperate to read.
I want to thank my kids for being great kids, for taking care of things at home, for funny jokes at dinner that made my nights sweeter.
I want to thank my Grandparents for calls and visits and love, for making this family so good from the start.
I want to thank all our friends and family that have prayed with us, worried with us, rejoiced with us.
If I missed anyone, don't feel missed.  I'm thankful for every person that has been with us this last week, in thoughts or in deeds.  Thank you!!


  1. That's your "life" thank you acceptance speech! Pretty impressive :)

  2. Perfect, I can only hope I am as blessed in times of need.

  3. Sometimes it's good just to sit down and count our blessings. :)

  4. Just in time for Canadian Thanksgiving. :)