Friday, October 19, 2012

Raising Midnight Kids In A Sunset Town

This small town I was born in and love and adore and choose to move back to and raise my kids in, is not where my kids feel destined to reside.  It's a shocking idea to me. I can't remember a time I didn't desire this town and all the family history nestled in the heart of it.

But, my goal for my kids has always been for them to find their dreams and go for it.  I knew, way back with that first half formed prayer that this newborn baby would love life to the fullest, that what made my life grand might not be what makes his and her life grand.

They have bigger dreams and the bright lights of the city gives fuel to their drive.

I know I'm going to cry when they take off, but by golly, I'm going to bursting with pride too.  Look what this Sunset Town Mom has helped shape!

Two of the best Midnight Kids around.


  1. My children always felt the same way - - can't wait to get out of this town!! hahaha. my oldest got married and is living a few blocks away. My second oldest moved away for six months and is now back at home. My daughter is away at college, and I believe she is the only one who really says what she means! haha

  2. You might be surprised that they may change their mind as they get older. My oldest, the one that just had the baby, always said she would not live in this town, this state, this country. She would not get married or have kids. Well, she has eaten all of those words because she lives not two miles from us, married and with kiddo! You just never know.

  3. I still live in my (not that small) hometown, but I will be surprised if my boys decide to stay. But maybe they will want to come back someday.

  4. I've moved a thousand miles from home, and I definitely want to go back there someday. :)

  5. I hope their dreams bring them closer to me! I would love to share my big city with them!

    1. I am encouraging the UW or SPU, so you can have them over for dinner anytime they need a dose of close by family!