Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Last October...

Last October, my sister Amy at Love That Bee said she was going to blog daily.  It wasn't a challenge for me, but I accepted none the less.  After all, any thing she can do, I can!

So I started writing daily.  And I loved it. I kept it up past October and as the months ticked by, I was surprised that I was still finding time and material and enjoying it.  I loved finding other blogs to join and I still remember the very first post I ever read by Judy, it was about a dog and I was hooked.  I'd never thought to comment on someones blog before, but I started to on hers and it opened up this great community of bloggers that I visit daily.

What have I been doing this last year?  I've been writing, because I can't help myself and my purse is a wasteland of scribbled thoughts on scrap paper to prove that to be true.  It's not always literary, and  it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's mine and I am so glad my sister spurred me on to find this part of me I had only been tending half-heartedly!  I may have slowed down from daily to (right now) about once a week, but  that's just because real life reared up and needed attention.

I had wanted to blog daily this October, but that just couldn't happen.  That's okay, I have filed away some wrinkled papers with bits and pieces of ideas for the moment when I can dream them out into full grown posts.  And that is why I love writing!  A word or two winds its way into my attention and I trace the thread to the end.

Thanks, TangledLou, for writing of her last year of blogging and inspiring me to do so too.

And thanks to my sister, for doing what sisters do best and challenging me!


  1. It's amazing how "real life" rears up and needs attention, and ain't that the truth? I'm glad you write-your writing certainly suffices for any need of tea I have in my life...

  2. I am so glad that your sister challenged you, Michelle! My gain, for sure! You're one of my faves. I just love your direct style, your poems, the way you write about your family. What a year, huh?

  3. I only posted daily for October and that was it. You totally kicked my butt, but that is okay. It's payback for the "I bet you can't sell your clown for .5 cents!" competition we had once. :)

  4. It's been a year already? It's great to keep up with all of you bloggers for a year.. so much goes on .. it's wonderful. I'm glad you've kept it up. :)