Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin Business

Taking a tip from my sister, with time running out and the weather acting up, we bought our pumpkins at the grocery store instead of going to the pumpkin patch, wandering around in the rain, caking our shoes with heavy mud, and always finding the perfect pumpkin.

A pretty good pumpkin can be found down at the store, sitting on bales of hay.  Not perfect ones, and especially not if you wait until the night before Halloween.  Turns out the pumpkin pile is pretty picked over by then.

But we found four that would suit and after dinner, we got down to business.

The kids still hate the pumpkin guts and I may have helped one of them clean theirs out, just like when they were little.....

Getting down to the serious business of designing the perfect carved face.

Then end result looks pretty good......

But this is why I really do pumpkins: 

These little fellows have been roasted and toasted and drizzled and salted and we may have feasted on them when they came out of oven, too hot and burning fingers and absolutely delicious!


  1. Me too! The whole point of carving pumpkins is really just to get to the seeds!

  2. Why do kids hate pulling the guts out?!? I love it, may be I'm just strange.

    I tried roasting the seeds this year and hmm yes well we won't talk about that!!

    Please post a step by step way to perfect seeds!!!

    PS love their creations.

  3. Such cute pumpkins! I've never roasted real pumpkin seeds, but I might try it.

  4. We haven't done pumpkins in a couple of years--but my husband and second oldest son are actually wildly competetive about it. They sometimes take more than a single sitting to finish their work. The results are always fantastic. This year, Son-Two is in his own apartment a couple hours away and I got to watch the process via Facebook photos posted by his girlfriend. Fantastic, as usual, but made me miss having him home.