Monday, October 8, 2012

The Trouble With Supernatural

My daughter has spent all summer watching episodes of the show "Supernatural."  It has never been a show I watched, not because it was too scary.....back in the day I never missed The X-Files, although I changed my  viewing habits when I started to wonder exactly what a sixth month old baby absorbs as my sixth month old baby stared raptly at the TV one Sunday night.  Turns out, he absorbed a love of horror films and has helped his sister find her love of the same.

My daughter has watched episode after episode, and gives us a synopsis of each, and sometimes I have come home from work and find that she'd been crying because the show was that sad.  I understand.  I still tear up when I think of the last episode of "Angel."

I don't object to the material of the show, or the nightly recap of a show I have never watched, or the emotions she has tied up in these two brothers.

No, what I find troublesome is that she now has a dream car, thanks to the brothers, and she wants a '67 Impala so badly, I'm sure she can taste it.  Before she started watching "Supernatural," she wouldn't have been able to pick out a '67 Impala from a sea of Toyotas.  Now, she is a fount of knowledge concerning this dream car, and can be found searching Craigslist on the off chance that one can be found for an affordable price.

FYI: it can't be found!

It doesn't have to be '67 Impala, but it should have two doors, and the same muscle car shape and the cute '69 Dodge Dart I found was knocked out of the running because it was too cute and had four doors and a vinyl roof and my daughter knows exactly what she wants......her Dad is so proud!


  1. Two things: "I still tear up when I think of the last episode of 'Angel'." - Yes, oh yes.

    And, I had a '73 Impala for a brief stretch. It was great fun to drive and relatively simple to fix, but two words: GAS HOG. It would cost an entire car payment just to fill the tank at today's gas prices.

  2. Ignorant on all topics in this post.. .the cars, Supernatural, and who's Angel? I do think the '67 Impala is cool though. Yes. I googled it.

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