Thursday, October 25, 2012

From Mild To Worse

I may have been stomping angrily through gravel, mud, and rain
To drag in the empty trash can from the alley, a job that I do not claim
And I may have fumed and muttered and maybe even growled
Not watching where I placed my foot and down it was I went
Of course I landed hardest on this hurt foot of mine
And scrapped my hands and bruised my shins but I jumped up again
I went about my days ignoring the twinge and ache
I even walked 1/2 a mile uphill all the way
Because I would not slow and admit that I was flawed
Three days later, still it throbbed so to the doc I went
He took one look at my newest hurt and he said
"You've done more harm than good, wear this big boot instead."

This post inspired by prompt # 1 at Mama's Losin' It!
And linking up with TidBit Thursday.


  1. Oh Michelle! I hope it gets better really soon. And that you don't hurt that foot any any more!

    Thanks for linking up! :)

    1. I know, right! This has been a crazy experience and I am taking it much easier now.

  2. Oh boy! Hope it gets better soon! Go slow so as not to hurt the other one or you hip/back..My friend strained herself walking too much with the boot as the height of it was off for her. Take care.

    1. That was my first concern, so I went home and found some shoes that closely match the height. It's better, but still not much fun!

  3. Hi Michelle,

    I'm stopping by from Mama Kat's and was glad to discover your blog.

    I'm sorry to hear about your foot, but I find in your post a lot of wisdom about listening to our bodies. My tendency is also to power through - is there any mom who isn't wired that way? ;) - but I know there's a lot of upside to another approach.

    I hope you heal quickly!

  4. Hope you get better soon. Love the poem!

  5. What a lovely poem to describe how you are doing now! Hope you feel better soon ...

  6. Oh no! Sorry you had that happen and then making it even worse by continuing to walk on it! I hope it heals soon and quickly! Stopping by from mama Kat's

  7. Oh no, do you have something against that particular foot??? I bet it is glad to have a little protection for a while!!

    Love the poetic twist ;-) Get well soon!