Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Raising Second Hand Kids

I grew up on hand me downs and thrift store clothes, and it was always a good thing.  New clothes to me are new clothes to me, regardless if they weren't brand new from the factory.  I still feel that way as an adult, which is why half of my work skirts are from the thrift store.

My kids don't mind either.  My son looks for vintage ties to add to his collection and he found a pair of dress shoes that fit his idea of perfection.  My daughter has shopped for shirts, and dresses, and costumes and while she won't let a piece of second hand silverware pass her lips, she loves to find the perfect outfit at the thrift store.

I was shopping by myself the other day, and I thought I might just scope out the racks of dresses.  I've had an idea of upcycling a maxi dress into a skirt, but I didn't see a pattern I loved.  I did find a gorgeous black lace sheath dress that I thought would be perfect for my daughter for homecoming.  She wasn't there to give approval, but for $5, I was willing to risk it.

It's the best $5 I've ever risked.

She loved it and looked unbelievably awesome in it!

The same day I brought her dress home, my son returned home from work, triumphantly holding up an old metal phone sign for his room that he had salvaged from the dumpster.  I've never been more proud!


  1. This made me smile. You CAN find treasures in the most strange places. They just remodeled our Goodwill and it is gorgeous - - from the outside (I haven't been inside yet). It is brick and blends in with the rest of the storefronts. It beckons me . . . .

  2. Oh, you make me want to go hunting!!

  3. My parents raised four kids on an enlisted man's salary--we were not desperately poor but except for a few outfits at the beginning of the school year supplemented with a pair of pants or a shirt at Christmas, we didn't get much in the way of brand new apparel. Some of the most exciting times in our household were when bags and bags full of hand-me-downs would come from our older cousins. Most of my favorite clothes came from those bags. ;)